The internet has made knowledge sharing and the exchange of ideas easier than ever: all can be done with the click of a button.  Nevertheless, most of the world’s knowledge remains incredibly inaccessible, trapped behind expensive paywalls that only the academic elite can afford to access.  People should be able to access knowledge without barriers, but this ideal is far from reality for many Canadians and people around the world. Most of us cannot freely read about the majority of research that public tax dollars have funded, Canadian researchers are not encouraged to share and re-use data, and the average Canadian student spends thousands of dollars on textbooks over the course of their post-secondary education.

The OOO Canada network aims to address these issues by advocating for open and transparent approaches to knowledge sharing. We are a group of graduate students, early career researchers, and activists with three primary goals:

OPEN ACCESS: to increase the accessibility of immediately, and freely available online scholarly research articles.

OPEN DATA: to encourage researchers to make their data available to the public, and foster a culture of transparency and data-sharing amongst scientists.

OPEN EDUCATION: to increase the availability of, and encourage the use of open, freely and immediately available educational resources (e.g. textbooks, media, etc...)

Looking to help out?  We're currently looking for campus reps to join our committee! Apply here

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