About Us

The OOO Canada Research Network was formed by a group of young Canadians who attended OpenCon in 2014, an international conference which brings together students and early career researchers to discuss how knowledge can be more equitably and efficiently distributed through open access, open data, and open education approaches.  

Organizing Committee:

Haley Kragness (McMaster University) - Co-chair

Lorraine Chuen (Right to Research Coalition) - Co-chair

April Clyburne-Sherin (The Center for Open Science)

Brady Yano (Simon Fraser University)

Juan Pablo Alperin (Simon Fraser University)

Campus Reps:

Elise Couillard (University of Manitoba) 

Billy Liu (McGill University) 


A big thank you to Joe McArthur and Nick Shockey for their guidance in getting this network off the ground! 

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