How OOO Canada came to be

The OOO Canada Research Network formed when a few Canadian undergraduate students, graduate students, and early career researchers decided that there was a need for a Canadian branch for open scholarship advocacy.  

We met almost a year ago at OpenCon 2014: a conference that brought students, librarians, and early career researchers from around the world together in Washington DC to discuss how an open approach to knowledge distribution could shift the way researchers communicate with each other, as well as the public.  We participated in workshops, heard a number of inspiring talks, and even met with staff members of the United States Congress to chat about open scholarship.  (I could gush forever about the conference, but I've already done plenty of that here instead.) At OpenCon, we also heard from a number of students and researchers who were leading Open Access chapters for their own countries (e.g: Open Access Nepal, Open Access India, Open Access Nigeria). We were inspired, but also wondered why Canada didn't have its own advocacy group.  After some brainstorming at OpenCon's "un-conference" last November, as well as a half dozen Google Hangouts throughout the year, we are finally excited to announce the launch of the OOO Canada Research Network - Canada's first network of young scholars, researchers and activists focusing on advocating for open access, open data, and open education.  

Our current members meet via internet conference call once a month and work on various open scholarship initiatives in our own institutional and regional communities. Our committee includes members from various provinces, but we are currently looking for representatives from additional institutions across Canada. If you would like to get involved, feel free to contact Lorraine at


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